Our Story

IMG_4237.pngThe Cabana story begins with our belief that eating and living healthy should be fun. It should spark joy, if you will. Feeling good and looking good should not involve starving yourself and driving yourself to insanity!

As former competitive athletes, we had a love hate relationship with food. We struggled with our diets every day, jumping between low calorie meals to keep our weights in check and overindulging in cheat meals to satisfy our cravings. It felt impossible to ask for both.

And then we discovered açai.

When we had our first açai bowl on our travels, it blew our minds. It was tasty and indulgent like an ice cream - but somehow healthy. A refreshing dessert made from the miracle fruit of the Amazon rainforests. A fruit that contains an abundance of minerals and nutrients unique to the Amazonian soil and whose healing and medicinal properties have been enjoyed by the tribes of the Amazon for centuries.

Something so delicious and satisfying should not be good for you! It inspired us. Our brand was born from a desire to create desserts and refreshments that are not only tasty, but nutritious as well. It started with açai bowls, but it became so much more. Our smoothies derive their sweetness not from refined sugar and syrup, but from natural sources. Our smoothie bowls include playful re-imaginations of popular desserts, but are made purely from fruit and other natural ingredients. And our famous açai bowls? Made from only the finest, organic acai berries from the Amazon rainforest. As we like to say - like ice cream, but healthier.

Join us on our journey to make clean eating fun. And more importantly, join us on our journey to a healthier Malaysia.

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